How to Make the Most of your Macaroni Kid

November 27, 2013

12 ways to make the most of your weekly newsletter!

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Your Macaroni Kid newsletter gets delivered every Wednesday. Here are some tips on making the most of your NE Edmonton Macaroni Kid:

1. Table of Contents: The white bar on the left side of the page is the "Table of Contents" for this week's edition. You can jump to any of the articles or event sections by clicking there and you will remain in the current week's edition.
2. Calendar: The "Calendar" feature will allow you to see the whole month at a glance to see how you may want to plan ahead for events. You can click on "View More" on any specific date and you'll see a more detailed list of that day's events.
3. Past Issues: If you would like to look back at previous editions, scroll down a bit until you see "Past NE Edmonton News" in the side bar on the left. This is below the Facebookand Twitter icons. You will go to a list of dates and you can choose which newsletter to look at. Click the Macaroni Kid logo at the top of the site to come back to the current newsletter home page.
4. Bulletin Board: This section is where I will list other events and activities that are not necessarily family related: craft shows, special deals for families, sales, date night ideas for Macaroni Parents, that kind of thing!
5. My Macaroni: The pink "My Macaroni" button that appears above the Table of Contents list is my favorite feature! You can click the plus sign (Add to My Macaroni) under any event listing and after you've selected all of the events that you are interested in, you can click the "My Macaroni" button and it will show your list. Then you can download everything to a pdf that you can save and/or print to take with you!! Then you'll have all the details right at hand when you're on the road!
Read More: If you click on the "Read More" below any article in the email newsletter or on the website  the whole article will be visible.
Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest: Follow us on FacebookTwitter for the in-between newsletter news. We often post spur of the moment contests, announcements, great things we find, etc., on Facebook and Twitter and don't want you to miss out! We constantly search Pinterest for those awesome finds that we know our readers love! Follow us, please!
Giveaways: NE Edmonton Macaroni Kid is always trying to bring you great giveaways! Not only are they fun, it's great to get something for free! You must be a subscriber to enter our giveaways!
9. Macaroni Reviews: NE Edmonton Macaroni Kid brings you book & movie reviews, so before you buy you can see what it is all about. 
10. Sponsors: Please support our sponsors. Sponsors make it possible for me to offer this free service to you. Each local ad is approved and added to the page by me, so I can assure you that they are safe to click through. Likewise, all national ads are approved by the home office. Of course any transactions between you and the advertiser are the responsibility of the two parties involved and not myself or Macaroni Kid. So visit those sponsors and show them some Macaroni love!
Business DirectoryThe Biz Directory is the "Yellow Pages" for local families! Find local businesses who are family friendly! Some even offer specials for Macaroni Kid readers! 
12.Share with Others: Share Macaroni Kid with your friends! What parent isn't looking for ideas to keep the kids busy? Don't keep this to yourself! Plus, the bigger we get, the more features we can add: this means more giveaways, parties and more everything!! In your weekly email at the bottom of the page is an easy way to send to a friend! You can also share our Facebook posts on your own wall to spread the love as well! We love when you share!

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